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On March 15, the first Swiss Massage Championship was held. An unforgettable event for massage therapists, spas and wellness therapists. A place where professionals meet, get acquainted with new techniques, compete in different categories, receive marks from professional experienced judges for their work, and become a feedback from the judges. Each championship gives the further development of your professional career and changes your life. 


So, the winners of the first Swiss Massage Championship:


Swiss Champion in the category: NATIONAL

LICIE PERRIER, SWITZERLAND. Lucy received as a present participation in the World Massage Championship in Copenhagen on 20.-21.06.2020.


Swiss Champion in the category: INTERNATIONAL



The winners in the category: SWEDISH MASSAGE

1th place - Igor Deikun, Ukraine

2nd place - Yupa Jiamsranoi, Germany

3rd please - Eric Genoud, Switzerland


The winners in the category: FREESTYLE WESTERN

1th place - Anastasiya Glukhenkaya, Switzerland

2nd place - Aliaksandra Eyring, Germany

3rd place - Catherine Cereso, Switzerland


The winers in the category: FREESTYLE EASTERN

1th place - Daniel Nowozeniuk, Spain

2nd place - Dina Vasko, Switzerland

3rd place - Satchapot Gräfe, Germany


The winners in the category: SPA & WELLNESS MASSAGE

1th place - Artem Podborskiy, Russia

2nd place - Laurent Lacour, France

3rd place - Saengchan Jiamsranoi, Germany


The winners in the category: FACE MASSAGE

1th place - Lucie Perrier, Switzerland

2nd place - Ella Elena Betschart, Switzerland

3rd place - Tetiana Obrc, Switzerland


Many thanks to our professional judges for their work:

- Techinee Hubold, Switzerland

- Marey El Hamouly, Switzerland

- Andrey Syrchenko, Russia

- Bhavesh Joshi, UK

- Kush Kumar, UK.


Thank you, Jeppe Tengbjerg & IMA, for your support.


Thank you so much to our sponsors:

- Wave Stone (Adrian Jenkinson)

- HH-Massagepraxis (Dina Vasko)

- Cupping Equipment( Chantal Cenn)

- Utsukusy Cosmetics/ World of Cosmetics ( the presents for the winners).


Many thanks to our lovely partner for your help:

- Thai massage association in Switzerland (Wassana Schläpfer, Somkiat Chuaprang).


Thanks a lot for administrative assistance:

- Natalia Burdyugova

- Yaroslav Burdyugov.

Thank you, Sunny , for your pictures!


We wish all participants a good luck. Thank you for your trust.


See you at the Swiss Massage Championship in 2021!




10 March 2024


Academy of Cosmetology and Wellness
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