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The Swiss Massage Championship will be held in Zürich on 10 March 2024.

Location: Seestrasse 83, 8703 Erlenbach ZH, Switzerland

We are happy to invite you to the Open Massage Championship in Switzerland organized by the Academy of Cosmetology & Wellness in Zurich. Supported by IMA (International Massage Association) the Swiss Open Massage Championship will take place in Zurich on 10th of March 2024.

The championship will open new opportunities for massage therapists, wellness and beauty business owners, teachers, featuring the latest innovations, techniques and practical knowledge in the massage industry.

Professionals from around Europe will give lectures, workshops and share their knowledge with all the Participants and the guests.

The experienced jury will choose a winner who will get a free ticket to the World Massage Championship in Copenhagen in June 2024. All the participants will receive gifts and surprises from the sponsors and partners.

The Swiss Open Massage Championship is a great platform to grow professionally, get valuable industry innovations, meet people and discover the news of the massage world to improve your business and to upgrade your skills.

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The Swiss Massage Championship will be held in Zürich on 10 March 2024.

Location: Seestrasse 83, 8703 Erlenbach ZH, Switzerland


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🎥📸 Lovely therapists, 
this year we’ll have our official multimedia partner on board, mr. Constantin Barbu, also known as iConstantine, renowned for his awarded filmmaking and photography in the massage industry. 

Fun fact: He won {Best Massage Promotion Video Award} 🏆 in Copenhagen last year with the recap video he produced for our previous Swiss Massage Championship event here in Zürich. This year, not only he’ll cover our SMC event but he will also provide complete packages (video & photography) for those interested in a personal photographer-filmmaker experience in need for premium high-quality photos & videos that you can use in your daily marketing campaigns. 

Important info for those interested:  To ensure shooting priority and complete coverage during your participation in the event, make sure you book an iConstantine package before the event. For more info about booking and pricing please refer to @1iconstantine.

Tel: 0041 779 821 255

  • Founder of iConstantine Films

  • ⁠IMA “Best Massage Promotion Video 2023” winner.




Abbr. GMT - Green Meets Technology

Founded in 2008, GMT BEAUTY emerged from a revolutionary idea: to harness the ancient wisdom of herbs and plants, using cutting-edge technology to create cosmetics that not only address beauty concerns but also reduce the need for cosmetic surgery. Originating in the Baltic region, where it is recognized as the largest manufacturer of professional cosmetics, GMT BEAUTY has become a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the beauty industry.

At the heart of GMT BEAUTY are its founders—a dynamic trio of cosmetologists, each with almost three decades of experience, and a visionary doctor. They embarked on a singular mission: to develop professional skincare that is accessible to all, suitable for both manual and technological applications, without compromising affordability. This ambition came with a non-negotiable condition: every ingredient must be 100% natural, combining efficacy with purity.

The path to realization was fraught with challenges. The founders' unwavering commitment to sustainability and technological advancement propelled them on a global quest for partners who shared their vision. The outcome is a line of cosmetics that competes with, and often surpasses, the world's most renowned brands in both effectiveness and health benefits.

GMT BEAUTY's portfolio includes professional and home-use products, catering to the most discerning customers. With a presence in 10 countries and expanding, the brand’s ethos, "Sustainable Skin Care Solutions," resonates on a global scale. This commitment is reflected in everything from meticulously vetted ingredient sourcing to eco-friendly packaging, which features 100% recyclable airless containers that minimize the need for preservatives.

The crowning jewel of GMT BEAUTY’s offerings is "the Essence," a line that epitomizes the synergy between nature's finest gifts and avant-garde science. Designed to mimic the skin's biochemical composition, these products guarantee unparalleled absorption and efficacy. This embodies the brand's philosophy that everyone deserves professional-grade skincare.

GMT BEAUTY also addresses specific needs through its diverse product lines, including "Mama Care" for expectant and new mothers, "Marine Collagen" for youthful resilience, and "Sport & Active" for those with an active lifestyle. Each product is a testament to GMT BEAUTY's relentless pursuit of perfection, employing only the most advanced natural ingredients to replace conventional chemicals.

GMT BEAUTY is not just a brand; it's a revolution in skincare, merging the purity of nature with the promise of technology to deliver beauty solutions that are as effective as they are ethical. Welcome to the future of skincare, where green meets technology, and every product tells a story of innovation, sustainability, and care.


Since January 2017, Academy of Cosmetology & Wellness, Zürich @academyofcosmetology_zurich proudly represents ATACHE Cosmetics in Switzerland @atache_schweiz

ATACHE Cosmetics is one of the branches of the pharmaceutical concern ASAC pharma in Spain. All of ATACHE products are developed and manufactured in their own laboratory under the supervision of highly qualified technologists.

ATACHE was the first in Spain to create a formula for active retinol and to transfer this component from the pharmaceutical industry to cosmetics for use in anti-age formulas.

Today, more than 70 of the best clinics, health centers and beauty salons of Switzerland work on the ATACHE cosmetics 👌

Atache Cosmetics Switzerland is proudly SPONSOR of Swiss Massage Championship - 2024 in Zürich.
Atache @atache_schweiz has prepared nice presents for the participants of the championship!




10 March 2024


Academy of Cosmetology and Wellness
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